Williams College English Department

Students of English acquire a sophisticated awareness of linguistic and literary representation while cultivating the ability to read critically and write persuasively.

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The study of English allows students to explore the critical role language and literature play in the shaping of human culture and social experience. Department courses cover a variety of national, regional, and diasporic literary traditions; acquaint students with a range of genres and cultural practices, including poetry, prose, drama, film, and mixed or emerging media; and employ a range of critical and methodological approaches. All foster skills of critical analysis, interpretation, and written argument and expression.  By cultivating a sophisticated awareness of linguistic and literary representation, and by encouraging the ability to read critically and write persuasively,  English courses provide students with an intellectual foundation and analytical skills that they can draw upon to follow a wide range of paths.  Please look around our website and contact the Department administrator, Pat Malanga, if you have any questions.  ([email protected])