Faculty Interests

Bernard Rhie

Philosophy and literature, Ordinary Language Philosophy, Ludwig Wittgenstein, Stanley Cavell, modernism, Shakespeare, film and philosophy, Romanticism, phenomenology, literary theory. Continue reading »

Cassandra Cleghorn

Poetry, American Studies, music, 19th-century American literature, philosophy and culture (especially photography and architecture); personal essay/creative nonfiction; American poetry and music; inter-arts collaboration. Continue reading »

Christian Thorne

Critical theory; eighteenth-century philosophy and German idealism; the epic; the history of the novel, especially the historical and postcolonial novel; horror & the Gothic; and rock & roll. Continue reading »

Christopher L. Pye

Shakespeare, Early Modernism, and Literary and Psychoanalytic Theory–much of my teaching falls into these areas. My current writing project focuses on the intersections between aesthetics and political thought in the Renaissance era: Shakespeare, but also figures from Leonardo da Vinci to Thomas Hobbes and Diego Velasquez, all of whom pose compelling questions about the relations between art and political subjectivity. Continue reading »

Gage C. McWeeny

The nineteenth-century novel and realism more generally; Victorian poetry, non-fiction prose, and drama; sociology and literature; literature and science; the history of criticism; twentieth-century and contemporary experimental, uncreative, or conceptual writing and art; aesthetics and boredom. Continue reading »

Kathryn Kent

Late nineteenth- and early twentieth-century U.S. literature; literary theory; queer theory; feminist and gender theory; US women’s literature; US queer literatures; cultural studies and cultural theory; biography; oral history; gender and sexuality studies and U.S. literatures; Girl Scouting; U.S. Poetry Continue reading »

Robert Bell

Shakespeare, comedy, humor, satire, 18th-century literature, the English novel, poetry, epics and mock-epics, James Joyce, modernism and postmodernism, biography and history and politics, sports, jazz, and theater, David Foster Wallace. Continue reading »

Stephen E. Fix

Eighteenth-century British literature, particularly the works of Fielding, Sterne, and Johnson. History of the novel. Elegies as a poetic genre. Twentieth-century American fiction, particularly the works of Nabokov and Pynchon. Continue reading »