Guidelines for the Conger and Bell Awards

  Applications are invited for the Henry Rutgers Conger Memorial Literary Prize

Entries are invited for the Henry Rutgers Conger Memorial Prize for the best piece of prose (fiction or non-fiction) or poetry written by a Williams student and published in a campus newspaper or magazine during the 2020-2021 academic year. Submit up to three pieces to the English Department ([email protected]).  Entries should include a citation of what publication the piece was published in and the date.   All entries should be emailed in .pdf format and must be submitted by Noon on May 17th.

Applications are invited for the Michael Davitt Bell Prize

Entries are also invited for the 2021 Michael Davitt Bell Prize competition. Professor Bell, who died in 1997, was one of the country’s foremost scholars of American Literature.  This prize honors his memory and his distinguished contributions to American Literary Studies.   This cash prize is awarded annually to the Williams student who has written the best essay (in a course, not as an honors thesis) on a topic in American literature.  If you wish to consider applying, please note the following information:   To be eligible for the consideration, the essay must have been written during this academic year, and have received the grade of either A or A+.   Essays are due by Noon on May 17th.  Please email a copy of the essay to [email protected].  Please use a .pdf format.
 If possible, please include the instructor’s comments.