Christopher L. Pye

Class of 1924 Professor of English
Hollander Hall Rm 130


B.A. Oberlin College (1975)
M.A. University College (1977)
Ph.D. Cornell University, English (1984)

Areas of Expertise

Shakespeare, Early Modernism, and Literary and Psychoanalytic Theory--much of my teaching falls into these areas. My current writing project focuses on the intersections between aesthetics and political thought in the Renaissance era: Shakespeare, but also figures from Leonardo da Vinci to Thomas Hobbes and Diego Velasquez, all of whom pose compelling questions about the relations between art and political subjectivity.


Note: courses in gray are not offered this academic year.

ENGL 230 / COMP 240(F)

Introduction to Literary Theory

ENGL 407 / COMP 407(S)

Literature, Justice and Community

ENGL 445

World's End: Literary Ecologies of the Limit

Current Committees

  • Faculty Interview Panel