Pre-registration Zoom open house, Thursday, May 13, 5-6pm Eastern Time. English Department faculty will be available in breakout rooms to chat about the major and their 2021-22 courses. All are welcome!  Zoom link here. (Before you join this Zoom event, we recommend that you check that your Zoom application is up-to-date, which will enable you to move freely between breakout rooms.)

If you are a rising junior who would like to declare as an English major, please contact one of the English Department faculty or staff members in the list below for assistance in declaring the English Major. We suggest that you contact a faculty member with whom you are currently taking a course, or with whom you’ve taken a class recently. Please see the ENGL major declaration form that you will be asked to fill out as part of the major declaration process. There will be an info session about the major declaration process (“The English Major 101,” led by the Chair, Bernie Rhie) on Sunday, May 9, at 8pm ET (event info here).

If you have already declared as an English major, please see the tables below to see who your major advisor is. Please contact your major advisor during the pre-registration period to discuss your course selections, your progress through the major, and to have your major advising hold removed. Note: you won’t be able to pre-register for courses until your major advising hold is removed.

Advisor 2022

Barton,Benjamin S. McWeeny
Cabrera,Yasmina M. Rhie
Carnell,Alice-Henry Hicok
Gonzalez-Castillo, Diana Smith
Chen,Amelia S. Fisher
Cochran,Pauline C. McWeeny
Cohen-Greenberg,Noah Kleiner
Dailey,Grace M. Rosenheim
Dodgson,Rebecca M. J. Shepard
Foreman,Micaela S. Rosenheim
Frison, Alison Rhie
Geiser-Cseh, Calen Choi
Ganser,Georgia M. Kent
Gibson-Prugh,Michael Rhie
Goodall,Grace L. J. Shepard
Hagino,Melia A. Pethica
Hiland,Owen L. McWeeny
Jones,Sofia E. Fisher
Kankkunen,Anna J. Rhie
Lam,Wilson Rosenheim
Lee,Clara Fisher
McGough,Gavin J. Vasiliauskas
McPhail,Maye H. J.Shepard
Meintjes,Lara L. Hicok
Mijares,Rene I. Vasiliauskas
Murray-Stark,Abigail R. Pethica
Neugart,Rachel A. Case
Neuner,Emily J. Rhie
O'Mahony, Desmond Rosenheim
Orluk,Nathaniel P. Smith
Otoadese,Ava E. Rhie
Pawul,Cassidy R. Pethica
Powell,Shalya J. Rhie
Rahman,Kohen Rhie
Rajesh,Shreyas Fix
Schapiro,Tula W. McWeeny
Schraver,Samuel J. J. Shepard
Servedio,Nicholas F. Fix
Shafi,Saud Afzal Pethica
Song,Aidan Kleiner
Stone,Hannah Vasiliauskas
Tapscott,Emma H. Case
Thierry,Max R. Thorne
Tsultrim,Topjor T. Rhie
Weinstein,Ben Fix
Welch,Elizabeth G. Hicok
Field1 Field2
Ahn,Samantha N. Sokolsky
Atkinson,Nadiya L. Smith
Barnett,Philip R. Rhie
Barry,Lauren A. Rhie
Barton,Benjamin S. Pethica
Chabot Jr.,Alan J. Fix
Courville,Erin E. Kent
Creighton,Sarah S. Case
Cushing,Isabel B. Rhie
Delgado,Tobias Kleiner
DelSignor,Georgia Pethica
Duan,Lydia P. Thorne
Etienne,Samori K. Tifft
Fousek,Peter S. Thorne
Fox,Joey Kent
Frison,Allison Rhie
Gaddes,Sophie K. Fisher
Garvey,Tarik K. Case
Hairston,Bret N. Kent
Higgins,Piper K. Thorne
Howley,Kate P. Tifft
Jasinska,Maya K. Kent
Koh,Audrey Fisher
Levine-Janach,Matan S. Rhie
Lin-Schweitzer,Nelly A. Vasiliauskas
Lopez,Delsa J. Case
Madera,Dominic J. Kent
Maduegbuna,Afoma D. Kent
Mecha,Samuel C. Kent
Mercado,Priscilla A. Sokolsky
Messer,Joseph P. Fisher
Miller,Eli Rosenheim
Nelson,Morgan A. Vasiliauskas
Nichols,Jamie Kleiner
Perea,Alyssa I. Case
Pultz-Earle,Ian M. Tifft
Quinland,Alanis C. Sokolsky
Qureshi,Ahad A. Vasiliauskas
Rodriguez,Mirna I. Kent
Shastri,Ananth A. Fisher
Tauber,Rebecca E. Shepard
Thomas,Christopher K. Sokolsky
Townsend,Tionne D. Fisher
Wang,Xiwen Fix
Williamson,Matthew D. Kent
Wong,Mason L. Fisher
Wu,Max Fix
York,Magdalen S. Rhie
Zajkowska,Magdalena Fix
Zorich,Isabella Thorne
Zuleta,Alejandro Rosenheim